Volunteer for Camp Hendon Summer Camp Staff


Hundreds of volunteers year around help make the Kentucky Diabetes Camps for Children’s Camp Hendon happen.  However, one of the most rewarding and educational volunteer experiences available is the opportunity to spend a week at Camp Hendon with the children and staff.

Volunteer staff must be 18 years of age. Community building is an important part of the camp experience and therefore, we require all staff to volunteer for the full-week session. Selection is contingent on references, a background check and an interview process. The hours are long with limited time off, but the rewards are life-changing. You will discover new talents, new friendships and most importantly make a difference in the lives of many children. We are always looking for volunteers to be:

Volunteer for
2017 Summer Camp

Sunday, July 2 - Friday, July 7, 2017

Adult Counselors

Age 18+, typically have or been impacted by diabetes, work in the diabetes healthcare industry, or are outdoor rec/child development students. 

As a den counselor you are typically assigned to a small group of campers that may be within a larger “den”.  During the day the host camp professional staff will be running programs and the den counselor is there to play hard and make sure that the kids are having the time of their lives as they follow them through the program rotations and all camp activities. This job requires the counselor to be actively involved in the supervision, guidance and motivation of campers while maintaining a high standard of care.  We hope that many of our volunteer counselors are adult role models with diabetes, or recreation or allied health students, but it is not required.  The counselor is primarily responsible for individual, small group and den behavior management as well as assisting with blood sugar checks and treatments per protocols.

Medical Staff

MD, NP, PA, RN, RD, CDE, RPh, etc.

As a medical staff you are assigned to a den. Depending on your role and experience you may be responsible for the den of up to 20 campers, or a small group within the den.  Each den often has multiple medical staff to assist campers with day-to-day health and diabetes management skills, but also contributes and looks for natural opportunities for health and diabetes education. Sometimes that is comparing archery to blood glucose targets, or working 1:1 at meal time on carb counting, we look for unobtrusive and fun ways to teach health knowledge and skills. Much like the adult counselor, you are also there to play hard and make sure the kids are having the time of their life in safe and medically supervised environment.

Medical Students

Nursing students, RD/Nutrition students, MD students, Pharm students, etc.

As a medical student staff you are assigned to a professional team that has typically an RN, RD, and AC minimally.  As a student you will provide support services that are within the scope allowed by the camp medical director based on your current student status.  Most past students say camp was the most rewarding and practical education experience they had received regarding providing medical services to children with diabetes.