Medical FAQ


What medical supplies should I bring?

All insulin, insulin pens, syringes and blood glucose monitoring equipment is provided by camp. Please bring:

  • insulin pump supplies (reservoirs, infusion sets, special injection aids, etc.)
  • your camper’s prescription medications in original containers
  • any special medical equipment for non-diabetes related conditions

Do not bring:

  • insulin
  • blood meters
  • treatments
  • over the counter medicine
  • continuos glucose monitoring devices (at this time our protocols do not permit use at camp)

How are blood glucose levels monitored at camp?

All campers check blood glucose levels before every meal and bedtime and at any time a camper does not feel well or would like to be checked we will test them.  Additionally, all staff members are well trained to observe for signs of hypo/hyper glycemia.

Bedtime testing/2:00AM rounds

Our protocols place campers below a certain blood sugar level at bedtime to be tested again at 2:00am.  Additionally on the 2am rounds all campers are checked for signs of lows.  Staff also checks blood glucose levels before bed and 2:00 AM as needed. Staff is available to check BS levels at other times during the night and during all activities through out the day.

Blood sugar goals at camp

Many parents are surprised at the end of the week check-out with our medical staff when the camper’s weekly blood sugar log is not perfect. “I thought this was diabetes camp?”  Camp’s philosophy is not to maintain a tightly controlled management regime during camp.  We strive for healthy and safe blood sugar levels, but variations in activity levels, shifting schedules, and an environment which encourages learning about freedom with food choices and carb counting can all lead to less than ideal blood sugar results for the week.  Our goal is a safe, healthy, and fun environment where we can provide meaningful opportunities for education and empowered self-management discussions.

Who oversees the diabetes management of campers?

Our camp medical director, a licensed endocrinologist, oversees and establishes all protocols used at camp.  Our in-den medical teams includes volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, registered pharmacists, nurses, and registered dietitians all with special interest and experience in diabetes. Many are certified diabetes educators. Every cabin of 6-8 campers is assigned a medical staff member who lives in the den, supervises all blood glucose monitoring, treatments, insulin management, and any emergencies.

2017 Summer Camp

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