Fundraising Toolkit for Families


It goes without saying that Camp Hendon's families and kids are our greatest advocates and supporters. You are why we do what we do! We have been incredibly inspired by campers and families who have found ways to fundraise for Camp Hendon - and that gave us an idea! Below you will find a variety of easy fundraising opportunities that you can conduct in your own communities. These funds can be donated to support Camp Hendon, or contact us to discuss how you can offset the cost of your registration fees. Please review the Important Details listed on this page. If you have any questions, please reach out!


Penny Wars Fundraiser

Penny Wars is a fun and competitive fundraiser that can be conducted at school, or between departments at your workplace.

Each class, grade level, or work department (depending on how you structure it) will
compete to raise the most money with pennies. Silver coins and bills are used against your rivals by placing them in competitors' penny jars. For example, if a 4th grader places a quarter in the 5th grade jar, 5th grade loses 25 cents off their total. Follow the link below to access complete instructions and a flyer.

Important Details:

  • Please contact us if you plan to conduct a fundraiser so we can help you promote!
  • If you need any supplies beyond what is provided below, let us know and Camp Hendon will take care of it.
  • Checks should be made payable to Camp Hendon, and can be mailed to:

Camp Hendon

Attn: Lori O'Bryant

1640 Lyndon Farm Court, Suite 108

Louisville, KY 40223

Cabin Fundraiser

This fundraiser can be used in a variety of businesses in your community. We suggest high foot traffic businesses such as 
pharmacies, fast food restaurants, doctor’s offices, hardware stores, convenience stores, etc.

Similar to Angel Trees sold at grocery stores around the holidays, customers purchase a cabin village for $1.00 and the
village is taped to the wall of the business. Optionally, the customer can place their name on the village to let others know that they were the donor. Follow the link below to access complete instructions, cabin cutouts, and a flyer.

Peel to Save Discount Card Fundraiser

Peel to Save discount cards are great to sell to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Available for communities throughout Kentucky! 

The Peel to Save Fundraising Card includes peel-off coupon stickers for local businesses in your area of Kentucky. Sell the Peel to Save Fundraising Card to friends, family, and coworkers for $10, and you keep $5! There are zero upfront costs, and you can return any cards you don't sell.

Rada Cutlery Fundraiser

Rada sells 100% American-made kitchen products including kitchen utensils, cutlery, gift sets, quick mixes, cookbooks, and stoneware. These make great birthday and Christmas gifts!

Order as many Rada Cutlery fundraising catalogs as you need. For products ordered from the catalog, you will receive and distribute all orders. You can also use Rada’s online fundraising tool so out-of-town supporters can place orders that are shipped directly to them. You receive 40% of all profits!

Restaurant Fundraisers

Restaurant fundraisers are one of the easiest ways to raise money, and can be conducted in absolutely every community!

Many restaurants participate in fundraising programs, where during a pre-determined period of time they will donate a percentage of sales to our organization. You can choose a restaurant from the list in the link below, or find a new one! The restaurant should supply you with a flyer, so make sure to send that to us so we can share far and wide. Camp Hendon will arrange for a staff member to attend your event to provide brochures and answer any questions about the Kentucky Diabetes Camp for Children, Inc.

Theme Day Fundraiser

Theme Day fundraisers are great for school or for work - and they're tons of fun!

Students, staff, and/or colleagues pay $1 to dress up as a chosen theme for a day. Pick from our extensive list in the link below!

Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser

It’s easy to raise funds for camp when you sell a product families love! 

Offer the great taste of Little Caesars to your friends and family.  Pizza Kits contain all the ingredients you need to make Little Caesars pizzas and breads in your own home.  Convenient and delicious!  Pre-order your choice of Kits and have them delivered to your specific location. You earn $5-$6 on every Kit you sell, so your profits accumulate quickly.  Special offer for Camp Hendon families, mention bonus code Camp17. Follow the link below to get started.

doTERRA Essential Oils Fundraiser

Live the wellness lifestyle, share with those you love, build an income, and make an impact with doTERRA essential oils!

doTERRA's essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health and wellness by harnessing nature's most powerful elements. Become a doTERRA Independent Wellness Advocate and not only will you receive a discount on essential oils for your family, but you can also earn extra income by sharing the power of essential oils with your friends and family. Questions? Contact Adriana Rogers at 812-786-9605 or by email at: Visit her on the web at