Financial FAQ


How much does camp cost?

We charge a minimal camp registration fee of $550 per camper. This fee provides for:

  • Insulin
  • Glucose check supplies
  • Treatments
  • 3 meals and 3 snacks per day
  • All activities, special events, and facility and program staff

While the true cost to send your child to camp is approximately $1,800, through fundraisers, personal donations, and corporate support we are able to reduce the fee to just $550 for the week-long residential camp program.

As a primarily volunteer organization, we accept the generosity of individuals, families, parents, and companies in any amount to help defray the costs of the camp. We are perpetually raising money so that camp can exist. 

We encourage all families that can support camp to do so through tax-deductible donations to Camp Hendon. Please consider supporting our great cause.

Is there financial assistance?

Camp Hendon strives to provide the camp experience regardless of financial ability. To date, we have not yet turned away a camper for financial reasons. We fundraise year-round to offer assistance and camperships.  There is a needs-based application process for partial and full assistance packages.

If you plan to request financial assistance, we strongly encourage you to visit our Fundraising Toolkit page to learn how you can help cover your child's camp fee. Click here to view the Fundraising Toolkit.

2017 Summer Camp

Sunday, July 2 - Friday, July 7, 2017


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