Is My Child Ready for Camp Hendon FAQ


Will my child be safe at camp?

We respect it may be difficult to leave a child with diabetes into the care of others for a week, but campers are well supervised at camp. Our dens are staffed with a counselors and dedicated medical staff that will be with your child 24-7 from the beginning to the end of the week. At all times we will have at least 25-30 medical staff at the camp to include RNs, RDs, LPNs, Pharmacy students, Doctors and Residents. We use a 3 person buddy system, where no camper is ever alone or far from assistance.

If you would like more details on how a diabetes camp works, you might find this ADA Diabetes Camp Management Position Statement helpful.  We also follow the American Camp Association’s standards for the operation of Camp Hendon.

What happens if my child is homesick?

Homesickness is a natural feeling for many campers as they adjust to the first day/night at camp. With great care, the counselor will do everything possible to determine the cause of the homesickness, and to address the issues identified.  Your camper will be told that if he/she still feels this way in 24 hours, one of the directors will call you, the parents or guardian.

Every attempt will be made to encourage the camper to have a good time and to feel needed and important.  If a call is needed, you and the director will discuss options before you speak with the child.  If you determine the best option is to pick up your child, we will help you in that process by having the camper ready.  We are not able to offer refunds for campers who leave due to homesickness.

Camp Hendon has occasionally had campers leave due to homesickness, but more often than not seasoned staff members are able to work with the camper to write letters home and be more engaged in the activities of camp……and soon the homesickness fades away.

What will my camper learn?

Camp is a wonderful learning environment, and since the goal is life-long care just a few of the things your camper might learn depending on their age and readiness are:

  • Improved Nutrition
  • How to Treat Low and High Blood Sugars
  • How to Count Carbohydrates
  • Insulin Injections, Site Rotation, and Adjustment
  • Blood Sugar Monitoring
  • Age-appropriate Diabetes Education
  • Social Support
  • Diabetes Problem Solving
  • Effects of Exercise
  • They may learn to give their first injection or change their first site! – A Big Step Toward Independence
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem by Meeting Others with Diabetes
  • Form Meaningful Relationships
  • Feel a Sense of Belonging, Campers Learn They Are Not Alone
  • Acceptance

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