Helpful Information for Parents


Camp Hendon provides a great opportunity for children with diabetes to get to know others who face the same challenges.

The number one benefit both children and their parents express is the ability to feel part of a group where everyone has diabetes and the feelings of isolation are eliminated. At Camp Hendon, children with diabetes are surrounded by people just like them – both children and adults — who share their day-to-day ordeals and triumphs managing their diabetes.

Camp Hendon provides children the chance to meet and learn from adult counselors with diabetes who have gone through many of the same things the campers are experiencing, and can share the ways they coped with the chores of having diabetes.

Campers discover that for one week during the summer that they aren’t the only one in the world who has to prick their fingers, test their blood sugar, and count their carbs. Getting three to four insulin shots is an every day occurrence that no one thinks twice about.

These children must do this every day of their life, yet at camp, so do all of their friends and den mates.

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of your child while in our care at Camp Hendon. Please review the links below for more information, and Contact Us if you have any concerns or additional questions.


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What medical supplies should my child bring? Are BG levels monitored?


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Will my child be safe at camp?  What happens of my child gets homesick?